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Websites you can visit when your bored

Posted by Allen Paul in Technology

Websites you can visit when your bored

1. Live Typing

Check out this website if your a fan of GIFs. This records whatever you type and makes it look like a GIF. If your creative enough, you can make a romantic GIF to your loved ones.

live typing

2. Bureau of Communication

This is a brilliant website which you will just have to see for yourself. From apology letters to bad news, it has special templates to provide you with an eye-catchy letter.

bureau of communication

3. Sh*t You Can Afford

These are the stuff which you won’t believe are available in the market. And its affordable too.

you can afford

4. Turn Your Name Into A Face

Just for laughs, see if you look like your name.


If you like these, I’ll provide you with more in the coming weeks.

happy wheels