Geekstroke | Why choose an Apple when you have an Android?

Why choose an Apple when you have an Android?

Posted by Allen Paul in Technology

Why choose an Apple when you have an Android?

I am a proud owner of the Nexus 5. I brought the phone as soon as it released because I am a big fan of the Android operating system. Now why Android you ask? Because it’s made for developers like me. You can do unlimited things on an Android operating system than an Apple. That too without spending a single penny on apps, nor for developing them.

I used to hate Apple. My dad has an iPhone 5 which he brought against my warnings, still he loves it. The reason why I hate is because it’s made for the rich. Just for registering into iTunes, you need cash. For developing an iOS app also you need cash. I used to work in India, later on left the country to work abroad. And here, people look into Android phones like they are inferior. If I tell them that I own a Nexus, they sound surprised, cause they are hearing that name for the first time. They were looking at my phone, the same way I looked at those duplicate Chinese phones. Most hotels only have chargers for iPhones. I felt discriminated.

Maybe I’m being arrogant. And being a techy who has his own website (:P), I felt I should know everything about a device and experience it myself before judging it. So, I went ahead and brought myself an iPad Air (and not an iPhone, because I already have a phone, and no always am I going to replace my Nexus 5.. Yes, I take great pride in it).

So my iPad finally came, I unwrapped it. Switched it on, the UI was simply neat and simple. I was slowly starting to love the device. Until I registered to App Store which costed me 1$. Well, that’s fine. It’s only a dollar. When buying an expensive device, I think something as small as a dollar is irrelevant. On the plus side, the most popular apps like Facebook and Clash of Clans were free. Everything about it was simple and very clean. The android OS has tons of options to do various things, but Apple keeps it minimalistic. They only included the options that are really necessary. That’s the reason why I said it looks clean and beautiful. I started downloading various apps, and explored the device. This ain’t bad at all. Unlike how I connect my Android device, I couldn’t use the device like a USB. In order to copy videos or images, I had to use another software to do so. This may be inconvenient, but it’s safe. So you don’t have to worry about viruses or other bugs crawling in.

A design need not be complex or sophisticated, sophistication need not make a good design, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Why I am saying all these big words is because I find it hard to explain the design of iOS. It is just beautiful.! What I was staring at was the work of some of the best designers in the world.

Now here is the funny part. I shut the iPad and took my phone out. I’m not proud saying this, but my phone felt really small and inferior. The screen is 5-inches and I felt it is small. I was browsing through it and I felt it’s really crowded. I felt like I entered a crowded and unorganized room. I felt like the iPad has cast it’s spell on me, that now I became one of those guys who is addicted to Apple products. What kind of sorcery is this?

It’s been a month now. I am both an Android and an Apple user. I am an Android user as I can explore the various apps that are out there and be in touch with the emerging new applications. Also, it’s the only way that I can develop Apps for free. I don’t want to spend 100$ just to open an account for developing apps. And, I use my iPad for client meetings or for watching movies. It’s more convenient to carry an iPad for demos rather than carry a whole laptop. I hardly use my laptop now-a-days, this very article that I’m writing is through my iPad. It feels good to carry this device around.. After all, it’s an Apple !

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