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‘Pulp Fiction’

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‘Pulp Fiction’

Hi there guys, Ajay here once again.

We all see lot of around these days; we have been called out as the greatest, the luckiest generation or so called the 90′s Kids, right? And some around all the times in through our media senses, (geeky: cartoon series) we have witness lot of rise and fall of various all time favorite cartoons and anime. Before anime, there were lot of ‘Cartoon‘ i might say, cause the cartoon network brings us this like Centurion, Swat Katz, Dexter laboratory, etc.

And so then I notice some drastic resemblance or we might refer it as regeneration on some of the characters, it got me thinking (and some digging too!!). Before all this, before comics and all there was another media so called pulp series. Pulp Magazine by definition is the comics printed on stripes as in newspapers. It acquire wide popularity during the dawn of 20th century. Anyway most of the characters are still being continued and also inspired to being in the motion picture.

As in the image the whole cartoon series inspired from that, but the characters if we look close enough can find striking regenerated resemblance over, our very own Marvel characters.
For starters below are the some Heroes and their Marvel counter parts:

  • Magician Mandrake
    Even from the attire we can understand the notion - Dr. Strange it is…
    Its said Mandrake has the ability as an illusionist, invisibility, astral projection and so on. The character were created by Lee Falk and  began to appear in comic strip from June 11, 1934. There is striking resemblance in the character history such as the magic property(stated above), and the bad guys from another dimension. His hypnotizing ability which is moreover the same as for Steven Strange too.


  • Lothar
    Here we have another, Mandrake‘s best friend and companion;
    guess who would be his counter part – Luke Cage of course. The resemblance shown here are quite astonishing and only differ in personality. Here Lothar is a prince of Africa, where as the Luke is an ex-convict. Lothar possess huge strength, impervious to any weapon forged by men, not bleed able, impervious to heat, cold and posses stamina of thousand men. As almost the same of Luke Cage‘s character.


  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon is a space hero created by Alex Raymond and published during January 1st 1934. The same man introduced John Carter and Jungle Jim. This guys has distinct similarity on Legendary outlaw Star Lord.
    About Flash Gordon; He is a graduate from Yale University beside he is introduced as an astronaut rather than an outlaw; and the kidnapping part is almost similar, they both share the same identity that eventually they both becomes an galactic enforcer. Peter Quill were napped when he was a kid and started as a outlaw before he becomes, you know like Flash Gordon. The only difference I came across that about Peter’s father figure, that he is an alien. Both of them are the leaders of intergalactic troopers, one named the Defenders of the Earth where as the other called Guardians of the Galaxy


  • Tarzen

    When we say about Tarzen don’t mistake him as in Disney representation or some other media, He is a vicious warrior raised by Apes and be called as and I quote: ‘Archetypal Feral Child‘. Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and published by 1912. Whereas Ka-Zar (pronounced as Kay Zaar) his abilities were superhuman strength and bilingual with animal talk too. Where as Ka-zar, here is the lord of savage land a fictional place in Dinosaur era. His first debut is in X-men series and he has a saber tooth companion. Also despite the fact that there is a huge dissimilarities between their girlfriends the characters are more over the same.


  • Phantom
    Phantom is created by the same Lee Falk, who brought Mandrake. As we all know he is a famous crime fighter from Africa (similarities begin), lost by pirate attack and sworn to fight against them, good with hand to hand combat, gunfight and superhuman strength. he has all time companion Devil the wolf and Hero the Horse. And state to the fact the the symbol he gives to the visitors The Phantom sign (his ring).
    The character depicted has spent so much lives but to the villains and the natives he is immortal, so the term ‘The Ghost who walks‘.
    Eventually Phantom character categorized under DC, so here we have T’Chilla, for those who know his biography can’t miss the similarities besides the costume. But those who doesn’t know, just check the reference in new Avengers movies, the pirate in Wakanda who got a burning ‘sign’ in his neck.


Now its your turn to figure out other character who been there around and didn’t notice like this…
So till next time…

Bonus: Shadow

We all know who is this, Actor Alec Baldwin portrayed in 1994 featured film, before that this Pulp character was a dark sided hero, who has an alter ego as an aristocrat. Crime fighting, sleuthing, womanizing you name it. The biography states he is been trained by monks in hand to hand combat, hypnotizing and hiding himself from light, but he can’t hide his shadow, hence The Shadow.
This guy stay inspiration for the infamous superheroes in every stream like Spirit, Batman, Rorschach, Arrow, Moon knight etc

Just a thought for all of you to consider while reading this and post your similar characters.

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